HBX Community is live, and we hope that you are excited to join the platform and get to know fellow HBX participants in your local chapters. With ConneXt Live quickly approaching (mark your calendars for May 11!), we are introducing you to some of the community organizers who are hard at work planning HBX Community events around the world. Read on to see how these community organizers embrace the HBX network and why they are excited to grow their local chapters.

Mikel Jacinto – San Francisco

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"I absolutely enjoyed the interactions between members of the cohort in CORe. The fact that everyone was so diverse provided an interesting juxtaposition. You were able to get new points of view about a problem or case study due to the fact that everyone came from a different background. At the same time, you felt a sense of camaraderie and familiarity, because everyone was working towards a common goal (and somewhat working towards it in the same way).

I love connecting with people and getting to know more about who they are. More than this, I thoroughly enjoy being able to connect other people who are like-minded or who I feel would be able to cultivate a relationship with each other where there is a steady exchange of ideas and opinions."

Leszek Jerzy Krawczyk – Dubai

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"I am a former journalist and White House correspondent turned entrepreneur, and HBX played an important part in this transition. I have no doubts that the first CORe course was just the beginning of this process, and therefore I am convinced of the value of having a functioning community in order to keep this momentum to exchange ideas and experiences going. I think Dubai is a perfect place for this, as it attracts many highly skilled and motivated individuals, and I am looking forward to getting involved in creating that space for HBX current and future alumni."

Maryana Sydoriv – Shanghai

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"For the last four and a half years I have been working in Shanghai for a consulting and trading company as a Market Strategy Director, analyzing the market opportunities and building strategies for companies that want to enter the Chinese market. Last year I also started managing finance for our company in Hong Kong, and I enrolled into the CORe course to organize my skills and get some new knowledge, therefore becoming the part of HBX family. Although all the participants were from different countries and industries, we were all united by passion for new knowledge, and I was very delighted to spend three months in such a vibrant community."

Pedro Guerra – Sao Paulo 

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"I work in the fashion industry as the executive director of a fashion brand named Civil Jeans and as the marketing director of a brand named Claudia Rabelo. Although the company has around 120 employees, we still face a lot of challenges on implementing basic management tools. As I take on many roles in both brands, doing CORe at HBX was extremely important for helping me make better decisions.

I first heard about CORe from a friend who completed it and told me that it was the one of best business courses that he had ever done. After I completed CORe, I realized that he was right, and now we are always talking about how helpful it was for gaining a better understanding of what we could improve in our jobs, even if we work in different industries. Our other friends who hear our conversations are impressed and also want to take the course. In other words, what we did is create a small HBX community, and I would be thrilled to take part in the organization of a larger community in my country."

Ruud Kuijpers – Amsterdam

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"After having studied and worked on several continents, I have been living in Amsterdam for about five years now. I truly value balancing my professional life with sports (running), charity (Lions Clubs International), and my passion for aviation (KLM Aeroclub). Next to that, I am convinced that professional experience is complementary to academic development. In that context, the HBX community offers a great platform to remain connected and share the latest thinking. Becoming an HBX community organizer would be a great opportunity for me to contribute to this initiative by facilitating meetings and inspiring others to connect."

Saumya Gupta – New Delhi

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"I believe as an HBX Community Organizer I will get an opportunity to fulfill all what I desire – meeting new people, engaging with their interests and in the process explore my own self, keeping my creative side open, and in the end, successfully accomplishing a responsibility of leading a chapter for the community."

Mona Molayem – Los Angeles

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"As a digital marketing small business owner, social media professor, and travel blogger, I have a passion for connecting, helping, and watching others grow and succeed. Whether it’s for my students, clients, blog audience, or community, I am driven by the prospect of helping others make connections to aid in their own personal growth. 

I’ve made long-standing friendships with my cohort, and believe each student of HBX offers something unique of value. I would love the opportunity to get to know and learn about my fellow constituents, while enriching their lives and offering value in return."

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