Professionals in today’s competitive job market are seeking ways to advance their careers and stand out. HBS Online is responding to that demand with the launch of a new program called Learning Tracks, designed to enable professionals to specialize in a particular subject area and develop deeper insights and expertise that will take their career to the next level.

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The first Learning Tracks available are in Leadership and Management and Strategy. To participate, learners must successfully complete three courses from a selected Track within 18 months. They’ll enroll in each course separately and receive an HBS Online certificate upon completion of each course. Once they complete the third course, they’ll earn a Certificate of Specialization in their selected Track. They’ll also receive a 30 percent discount on their second and third courses.

“I’m pleased to offer this advanced certification to help professionals progress in their careers,” said HBS Online’s Senior Associate Dean Debora Spar. “We have survey data that shows that our past participants have experienced career growth as a result of taking our courses, which makes us very proud. It's our hope that people who earn a Certificate of Specialization will experience even more dramatic personal and professional growth.”

Spar added, "Our participants tell us that our learning model is powerful, and our global network extraordinary. Not only do participants make lifelong friends from around the world, but they have a richer learning experience because of the collaborative style, and they can apply the lessons they learn directly to their own careers.”

David Luna with Certificate of Specialization
David M. Luna with his Certificate of Specialization

Nearly 150 past HBS Online participants have already completed three courses from within the two Tracks and are being awarded an inaugural Certificate of Specialization. One of them is David M. Luna, M.A., J.D., former US Diplomat and founder of the non-governmental organization International Coalition Against Illicit Economies (ICAIE).

Here’s what he said about his HBS Online experience: “HBS Online’s courses helped me transform and innovate my business and inspired my new NGO, which brings together leaders from the private and public sectors to confront illicit threats that harm our planet, markets, and sustainability. The courses I took provided a strategic prism to better understand the disruptions, threats, and realities across today’s business world and the Certificate of Specialization in Strategy reflects the additional layer of expertise acquired and enhances my professional standing.”

Luna completed three HBS Online strategy coursesGlobal Business, Sustainable Business Strategy, and Disruptive Strategy—to earn his Certificate of Specialization in Strategy.

HBS Online is also announcing a new course that learners can take if they’re interested in pursuing the Leadership and Management Learning Track: Organizational Leadership. The six-week online course is designed for experienced team leaders and aspiring executives who want to gain the skills, strategies, and tools to rise to expanded leadership responsibilities and guide their organizations effectively. Learners will explore how to set and communicate direction, influence through other managers, generate organizational alignment, drive innovation, and engineer change.

Applications for Organizational Leadership will be accepted through October 21, 2021, and the course will start on October 27, 2021. Learners should expect to dedicate approximately 35 hours to the course material.

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If you’re interested in taking your organization to the next level, learn more about HBS Online’s new Organizational Leadership course. And if you want to take your career to the next level, explore our Learning Tracks in Leadership and Management and Strategy.