To be a successful lawyer, you need more than legal expertise. It’s imperative to have a fundamental understanding of finance so that you can effectively negotiate deals, properly value a business or marital estate, and help your clients assess whether it’s best to pursue a claim or settle. That’s why Harvard Online is announcing a new course: Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers.

Taught by Harvard Law School faculty, the six-week online course will help you navigate your organization or client’s financial goals while increasing profitability and minimizing risks. Through examples from real-world practitioners, you’ll learn how to interpret and use financial data, make a business case, and understand when and how experts can support, or undermine, your work.

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“This course is one of the few available at the intersection of law and finance,” says Harvard Law School Professor John Coates, who’s teaching the course. “You need to know how to read and analyze financial statements to value a business, patent, or marital estate. You need more than law even to help a client decide whether to sue.”

The course will be delivered via HBS Online’s course platform. By the end, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand financial statements and know how to extract and analyze the numbers
  • Translate your organization or client’s financial goals into practical legal solutions
  • Recognize the variances in valuations and provide finance-driven insights
  • Use ethical reasoning when a financial answer isn’t clear

Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers | Use finance to win big for your clients | Learn more

Applications for Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers will be accepted through June 14, 2021, and the course will start on June 23, 2021. Learners should expect to dedicate approximately 20 hours to the course material.

For more information or to apply, visit the Financial Analysis and Valuation for Lawyers page.