The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has likely changed how you work, learn, and live. You might now be taking courses online, or trying to adapt to working from home. Perhaps you’re on the job hunt, or researching new ways to upskill.

No matter your situation, HBS Online wants to help you navigate the uncertainty. Below is a list of lessons, guides, and advice you can leverage to more effectively lead yourself, and your team, through this crisis.

If You Want to Become a More Resilient Leader

Become a more resilient leader with a free, 35-minute lesson from Harvard Business School Professor Nancy Koehn. In the lesson, Koehn delves into the career of legendary explorer Ernest Shackleton and unpacks the courageous actions he took in the midst of crisis, while highlighting the skills all leaders need to guide themselves and others through challenging times.

For additional advice on how to lead your team with courage and conviction, explore these articles:

If You Are Trying to Adjust to Working from Home

For most, working from home is the new normal—and it may take some time to adapt. Here's some advice to help you stay engaged, whether you’re working inside solo or with children running around your living room:

If You Are Trying to Upskill

For those who want to keep their skills sharp, there are several opportunities to learn online. If you’re new to virtual learning or want to know whether it’s the right fit, these articles can offer guidance:

Or, if you’d like to gain a competitive edge in the job market, download our free guide on Advancing Your Career with Essential Business Skills, and learn how you can start contributing to key business discussions and drive strategic decision-making.

If You Are Looking for a New Job

In an interview with Business Insider, HBS Online Executive Director Patrick Mullane said, “The economic impact of the COVID-19 crisis is likely to be sharply felt. A recession is formally defined as two quarters of negative GDP growth. It's likely by that definition that we are heading for one. But it's hard to tell how severe it will be or how long it will last.”

A recent survey by HBS Online and City Square Associates found that two out of three people aren’t prepared for an economic downturn. If you’re actively trying to secure a new job or enhance your resume, here are resources that can help:

If You Are a College Graduate

College graduates are entering the job market during an unprecedented time. HBR Ascend has created content to help you prepare to enter the workforce amid the current crisis:

If You Are Managing Through Crisis

Leaders across industries are needing to adapt their strategies to effectively manage teams. If you're trying to transition yourself, here's some guidance:

Harvard Business School Working Knowledge, the Harvard Business Review, and HBR Ascend have also been publishing great content to help the business community manage through these complex challenges. Some articles that might help you through this time include:

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