With Connext just over a week away, we wanted to know what type of persona you take on when you attend conferences. Are you constantly networking and meeting with others, on the sidelines soaking things in, or seated in the front row for every panel discussion and keynote?  

To help you find out, we’ve put together an online quiz with a list of personas you’re likely to encounter at any conference. Which one are you? Take the quiz to answer the question, #HowDoYouConnext?

The Sponge

You are a keen observer and soak in everything happening around you. Whether learning in the classroom or engaging in a breakout session, you take in the full conference experience and commit it to memory.

The Early Bird

You are always the first person to arrive at events. Thanks to your timely nature, you can be counted on to be at the head of the line for activities, and consistently find prime seating for panel discussions and keynotes.

The Sparkplug

You are skilled at getting people energized. Your passion shines through in everything that you do, and you have an infectious excitement that can be felt by your peers. Your ability to inspire and lively demeanor make you the life of the party.

The Social Butterfly

You thrive in big groups and love getting to know everyone. For you, conferences are as much about making new friends as they are about professional development.

The Pathfinder

You know the agenda like the back of your hand. Your fellow conference-goers look to you for information on what activities are happening next and where. Even after the event has ended, you're the person people go to for the best local hangout spots.

So, what kind of conference-goer are you? Let us know your personality type by sharing your results on social media, and don’t forget to tag your post with #HowDoYouConnext!

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